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Commercial and industrial designers can buy solid surface sheets & goods in colors and patterns of their choice..

About Us

Mahi Poly Link is a Mumbai, Maharashtra, India based and 15 years old solid surface sheets and goods fabrication company. The partnership company handled and managed by Mr. Bharat Patel specializes in buying and selling Acrylic Solid Surface. The performance characteristics of the products, the competitive price we have set for our products and scheduled deliveries have made us a favorable manufacturer & supplier of Corian Acrylic Solid Surface, Solid Surface Bathtub, Solid Surface Resin, and Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet.

Why We Chose Solid Surface?

This man-made material made combining of acrylic, epoxy/ polyester resins and ATH is widely used for installing counter tops and vanity tops in kitchen and bathrooms. Other than this, it can be used for reception desks, displays, counters, facades, wall cladding, check-in counter and meeting tables in:
  • Shops
  • Hospitality
  • Airports
  • Public buildings
  • Hospitals

It can be made to look exactly like marble, granite and other natural stones. Not just this, it can be manufactured in the form of sheets, but we can cast other shapes, for instance bathtub and sink. These can be made in any design and color, therefore, these are widely demanded these days over natural stones. These engineered composites can be made available in matte, satin to glossy finishes; a number of colors and visual textures. The market for solid surface in residential sector is blooming, while it is slowly gaining a strong hold in industrial and commercial settings.

Production Process

Thermoforming is the process we use for heating and bending sheet goods into three-dimensional shapes. All materials are mixed for manufacturing solid surface. The mixture is cured heated to 60°C or more, followed by the process of cutting it in sheets or shapes, sanding on one or both sides. The heat resistance of the solid surface can be improved by heating the material to 160°C and then cooling it down.

Strategically Located

The location from where we are operating as a manufacturer is I B Patel Estate in Goregaon East in the capital city of Maharashtra- Mumbai. Shipping our range to local and regional markets is easy, as the city is well served by national highways and expressways, like NH3, NH4, NH17, NH222, NH8 and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.